In an exciting leap forward for the world of retail security, RaptorVision proudly announces its partnership with The Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC), solidifying a place in the LPRC Directory. This milestone not only speaks to RaptorVision’s dedication to revolutionizing the surveillance technology landscape but also highlights the company’s commitment to offering retailers innovative solutions that effectively combat theft and elevate loss prevention strategies.

What is the LPRC?

The LPRC has long been an authoritative figure in the realm of retail loss prevention, consistently leading the way in facilitating collaboration between industry experts and solution providers. Through its comprehensive directory, the LPRC equips retailers with an invaluable resource—a guide to cutting-edge technology that empowers them to make informed choices about security solutions that best align with their unique needs.

RaptorVision, renowned for its Monitoring and Real Time Detection Solutions, has been bestowed with the honor of being included in the LPRC Database of partners’ solutions. This recognition underscores the company’s prowess in the realm of surveillance technology and amplifies its reach, enabling more retailers to access RaptorVision’s innovative offerings. RaptorVision EDGE and RaptorVision STICK, are poised to redefine how retailers approach loss prevention.

RaptorVision EDGE: It employs cutting-edge edge computing technology and advanced behavioral analysis at various levels to process and capture data,, minimizing latency, enabling real-time decision-making, conduct data analysis, and generate reports.

RaptorVision STICK: This revolutionary solution is compact yet powerful. Designed to blend seamlessly into any retail environment, RaptorVision STICK transforms public display monitors into display assets, effectively catering to various purposes and engaging consumer experiences.

As RaptorVision joins the ranks of distinguished partners in the LPRC Directory, it opens up new avenues for retailers to embrace innovative security solutions. The combination of RaptorVision EDGE and RaptorVision STICK provides retailers with a comprehensive toolkit to monitor, detect, and mitigate security risks in real time.