new recurring revenue

RaptorVision enables a totally new recurring revenue model for integrators

Based on technology not available anywhere else

High Ticket Theft

Organized Retail Crime

Asset & Property Protection

Commercial Industry Security


The RaptorVision Edge

The RaptorVision EDGE applies behavioral “Smart Motion Detection” and innovation at multiple levels for data capture, secure storage, data analysis and reporting – all in a compact network appliance.

  • Patented Theft Detection & Behavioral Analysis
  • Retail Product Engagement, Indoor/Outdoor, Lock Picking
  • Real-Time Alerts, Notifications & Data Capture
  • Zone-based SaaS Model – Multiple Zones per Camera
  • Simple Browser-based User Interface
  • Installed & Configured by your Existing Integrator(s)
  • May Eliminate Locked Cases for High-Ticket Products
  • Functions as a Stand-alone or VMS-Integrated system

  • Intel ® Hyperthreading Technology (NDAA Compliant)
  • 8-64 GB RAM / Up to 4TB On-Board Storage
  • Up to 4 Gigabit NIC ports
  • Expandable Storage via NAS, MicroSD or Cloud
  • 1/10th Processing Power Compared to other Analytics
  • 640×480 Minimum Required Resolution
  • Monitors Any OnVif Cameras

  • IP Speaker
  • DI/O
  • IP Display
  • VMS
  • SMS
  • Email

Solutions FOR

Organized Retail Crime & Shoplifting

Whether Taking Too Much Too Fast OR gathering large quantities of product from displays, Identify & Deter rampant Organized Retail Crime Activity while in process using Raptor’s Patented Behavioral Analysis Monitoring

Store Product & Cabinet Tampering

Identify when products are being used and put back OR when trying to penetrate locked cabinets

Customer Experience Improvement

Improve efforts to assist Customers actually engaging products instead of random Dwell Times

Stockout & Out-of-Stock Detection

Receive and review notifications when an Out-of-Stock condition are likely occurring in real-time

General Liability Compliance

Verify aisle condition for issues and compliance

Take your Business to the Next Level

Become a RaptorVision Dealer Today!

  • Create a New Recurring Revenue Model for your Business with New and Existing Customers
  • Build Deeper Relationships with New Stakeholders Across all size Customers and New Verticals
  • Innovative Event-Driven Data Capture & Behavioral
  • Analytics Solution – Easy Implementation and Not Available Elsewhere
  • RaptorVision SaaS/Hybrid Advanced Platform Simplifies Customer and Solution Management