The RaptorVision platform is “Purpose Built” for Retail organizations looking to Increase Sales and Profits, Deter and Document Shoplifting and Organized Retail Crime (ORC) Events and Improve Employee Safety

RaptorVision is an event-based product engagement, data collection and integration platform.

We integrate patented video analytics and incorporate AI and Machine Learning to proactively identify and deter theft while elevating the Customer Experience.

Video Analytics and Integration Platform Development

RaptorVision is a technology development company born out of extreme necessity on the world stage for a better way to control and defend against shoplifting at all ends of the spectrum from a single event shoplifter to Organized Retail Crime (ORC).

Waiting For Event

RaptorVision’s patented pro-active “Waiting for Event” behavioral analytics and machine learning/AI approach is truly unique and differentiates from any other technology. RaptorVision is enterprise-scalable, hardware and camera agnostic and provides Real-Time notification and Live Mobile viewing of Event-related activities

A Flexible Hybrid Solution

RaptorVision sends real-time push notifications and live video streaming via the RaptorVision mobile app, existing communication systems, including the PA, two-way radios or any IP/Digital output allowing employees to take appropriate action from a safe Digital Distance while complying with company policies.

Enterprise Wide Integration with Existing Infrastructure

RaptorVision can integrate with existing camera systems as well as other 3rd-party technologies, such as Facial Matching and License Plate Recognition. Because RaptorVision is a cloud based platform, criminal activity and data can be shared across all locations. 

Advanced Patented Technology

RaptorVision is a patented breakthrough in security innovation and the first of its kind. A real-time detection system that deters suspects from committing organized retail crime and theft in retail environments.

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