RaptorVision Elevates Presence as Director-Level Sponsor at CGA Conference 2023

RaptorVision joins leading brands and grocery service providers as a sponsor at CGA Strategic Conference

RaptorVision joins leading brands and grocery service providers as a sponsorat CGA Strategic Conference, the ultimate platform for engaging with clients and prospects.

About the CGA

The California Grocers Association is the distinguished advocate for all facets of the food distribution industry, providing proactive leadership, education, advocacy, resources, research, and information. As one of the state’s largest industry employers, we pride ourselves on the efficient and responsible delivery of life’s necessities, including food, healthcare products, and household goods, to Californians statewide.

Realigning Retail: Shifting Priorities

The central theme of this year’s CGA Conference revolves around adapting post-pandemic priorities to enhance customer service. In the current landscape, grocery retailers and brands are meticulously realigning their focuses to cater to modern consumers effectively. This is precisely where RaptorVision emerges, introducing innovative technology that enhances your endeavours in helping customers who actively interact with your products and frequently seek assistance. By doing so, RaptorVision presents substantial avenues to bolster sales, ushering in remarkable opportunities for growth.