A completely innovative recurring revenue model


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In the ever-evolving landscape of security and surveillance technology, integrators are constantly seeking innovative solutions to provide added value to their clients while also generating sustainable recurring revenue streams. One such groundbreaking solution that promises both ease of implementation and unparalleled functionality is the Raptor Vision Video Analytics Solution.

The Integrator Advantage: New Revenue Opportunities

For integrators, adopting Raptor Vision presents a unique opportunity to shift towards a more lucrative and sustainable recurring revenue model. By offering Raptor Vision as a subscription-based service to clients, integrators can create predictable, ongoing revenue streams while providing customers with cutting-edge technology that enhances security and operational efficiency.

Key Benefits for Integrators:

  1. Easy Implementation: Raptor Vision is designed for seamless integration with existing surveillance infrastructure. Integrators can quickly deploy the solution without extensive hardware upgrades or disruptions to client operations.

  2. Differentiation in the Market: Raptor Vision’s advanced capabilities, including behavioral analytics, object recognition, and anomaly detection, set integrators apart from competitors. This differentiation opens doors to new business opportunities and strengthens relationships with existing clients.

  3. Scalable Revenue Growth: By offering Raptor Vision on a subscription basis, integrators can scale their revenue in tandem with client growth. As more customers adopt the solution, integrators benefit from cumulative recurring revenue.

  4. Exclusive Offering: Raptor Vision’s unique features and proprietary technology make it a compelling solution that is not readily available elsewhere. This exclusivity enhances the value proposition for integrators and drives customer interest.