Changing the Dynamic of Customer Service

For traditional Retailers, it is time to face some hard truths. Online stores, same day shipping, and big box wholesalers have added increased competition, thus cutting profit margins and taking away from the overall customer experience. With the decrease in staffing and operational budgets over recent years, it has become more challenging for retailers to provide a consistent and superior level of customer service. These factors alone are troubling, however when combined with an increase in Organized Retail and Violent Crime it has become evident that stores need more resources to combat these challenges. Brick and Mortar establishments need a competitive advantage, the ability to anticipate what their customers need before they are even aware.

RaptorVision is a secret weapon taking the retail world by surprise. Our team has set out to deter and prevent organized retail crime, increase customer service, staff effectiveness & safety. Ultimately this decreases costs & increases sales, making our clients more profitable. With real time notifications of shopping behavior team members are able to quickly identify customer service opportunities from potential theft events.

Consumers have become more discerning in the products they use and what they are willing to pay for them. Raptor-Visions patented behavior detection can recognize when a customer has been interacting with a product and provide notification to the staff that assistance is needed. All of this happens without the customer having to request assistance. For example: A customer wants to impress their friend, but can’t quite decide what bottle of Bourbon to purchase. This customer looks at several bottles, but can’t quite decide. RaptorVision recognizes this behavior and notifies staff that customer service is need in the spirits aisle. Once engaged with the customer the team member now has the ability to upsell.

Even more important than increasing the customer experience, Raptor-Vision allows team members to identify potential threats to customers and staff. This gives them the opportunity to act within company policy, contact security or law enforcement without putting themselves in danger.

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