RaptorVision is a technology development company born out of extreme necessity on the world stage for a better way to control and defend against shoplifting.

RaptorVision provides a SaaS-based (and on-prem) video analytics solution that detects potential theft of high-ticket products and property intrusion engagement in real time with our patented, “force field technology”. Simultaneously, RaptorVision alerts the parties with live video and other various notifications while broadcasting product/property-specific information. In turn, this deters the theft, graffiti, and other unwanted activity immediately allowing operations to take actions within specific company policies.


A patented breakthrough in security innovation

RaptorVision is the first of its kind, a real-time detection system that deters suspects from committing shoplifting and organized retail crime and theft in retail environments.

Threat Detection
RaptorVision is always watching, this allows your staff to concentrate on their jobs
Proactive Deterrence
By notifying staff of suspicious activity it is possible to deter criminals.
A System That Learns
RaptorVision leverages cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning techniques.
Easy Implementation
RaptorVision can be linked into your properties CCTV cameras and Radio
Improved Customer Service
The system does much more than just deter criminals.
Improved Staff Safety
13 retail staff are injured as a result of violent crime every day.


RaptorVision provides a secure Cloud-based platform that predicts and deters criminal activity and much more.

The video analytics, real-time alerting and notifications can also identify trends and be used to help understand customer and product interaction, improving customers service and compliance needs of many organizations.  In addition to key theft deterrence benefits, RaptorVision also provides an array of Notification Methods and types.