Event-Based Product Engagement Platform

RaptorVision is Purpose Built to Increase Sales and Profits, Deter and Document Shoplifting and ORC events and Improve Employee Safety. Proactive “Waiting for Event” behavioral AI analytics differentiates from other technologies available. Enterprise-scalable, camera agnostic and provides Real-Time notification and Live Mobile viewing of Events

  • Stop ORC Now
  • Real Time Behavioral Theft Detection
  • Hardware Agnostic
  • Too Much Too Fast
  • VMS
  • Real Time Visual Confirmation
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Multi-Site Data Aggregation
  • Behavior Classification
  • AI-embedded VMS
  • ORC Activity Detection
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Single sign-on
  • Live View of Event
  • Real-Time Notification
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Facial Matching
  • Cloud-based
  • LPR
  • Reduce Costs


Employee Safety & Risk Management

RaptorVision alerts on-site employees before a crime is committed, enabling them to notify appropriate authorities and comply with store policy from a safe digital distance. By preventing unwanted interactions, RaptorVision improves the security of retail workers and customers.
Unparalleled Monitoring with Advanced Computer-Vision Technology

RaptorVision leverages its cutting-edge proprietary technology and advanced computer-vision algorithms to provide an unparalleled level of monitoring and insight. By aggregating data from various sources, RaptorVision can detect and analyze property and product engagement events with exceptional accuracy. This comprehensive analysis is performed in real-time, ensuring that stakeholders are immediately notified of any significant occurrences. Whether it’s a sudden increase in customer interaction or an unexpected event on the property, RaptorVision’s sophisticated system ensures that relevant parties are promptly alerted. This immediate notification capability allows stakeholders to make informed decisions quickly, enhancing operational efficiency and response times.

The real-time data provided by RaptorVision not only improves situational awareness but also empowers businesses to optimize their strategies and improve overall performance.

Hybrid SaaS for Integrated Video Analytics and Data Capture

RaptorVision’s Hybrid SaaS architecture offers a robust and flexible solution by providing both cloud-based and on-premises video analytics, along with event-based data capture capabilities.

This versatile system is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing video system investments, ensuring that organizations can maximize the value of their current infrastructure without the need for extensive overhauls or replacements. The hybrid nature of RaptorVision’s architecture allows for scalable deployment, catering to the specific needs of various environments and use cases.

By combining the power of cloud computing with the reliability and security of on-premises systems, RaptorVision delivers a comprehensive video analytics solution that enhances operational efficiency, improves security measures, and provides detailed insights through real-time data analysis. Additionally, the architecture supports a wide range of integration options, allowing businesses to expand their capabilities and adapt to future technological advancements with ease.

RaptorVision Integrates with All Camera and Communication Systems

RaptorVision is designed to seamlessly integrate with virtually all existing camera systems, as well as any analytical or communication tools currently available on the market.

This technology-agnostic approach ensures that RaptorVision can be easily incorporated into a wide range of existing infrastructures without the need for extensive modifications or additional investments. By being compatible with diverse systems, RaptorVision enables organizations to apply advanced AI analytics and real-time notifications effectively, leveraging their current technology investments to their fullest potential. This integration capability means that businesses can enhance their surveillance and communication frameworks with cutting-edge AI-driven insights and immediate alerts, optimizing their operational efficiency and situational awareness.

RaptorVision’s flexibility and adaptability make it an invaluable asset for any organization looking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of video analytics and communication technologies.

RaptorVision: Real-Time Product Engagement and Alerts

The RaptorVision platform is meticulously designed to enhance product engagement by utilizing advanced features such as push notifications and live video streaming, all accessible via the RaptorVision mobile app. This functionality ensures that employees are always informed in real-time, enabling them to take swift and appropriate actions when necessary. By providing immediate alerts and visual insights, RaptorVision helps eliminate traditional barriers to sales, such as locked cases, bottle locks, and other restrictive security measures, thereby significantly improving the overall customer experience.

This innovative platform addresses a wide range of retail challenges. For instance, it is highly effective in handling incidents of shoplifting or organized retail crime (ORC) events by providing timely alerts and visual confirmation, allowing security personnel to respond promptly. Additionally, RaptorVision is instrumental in proactively offering assistance to customers who are actively engaged with products, ensuring they receive the support they need promptly and efficiently.

Product Engagement

Data Flow

All Event-related data captured can be shared with other systems throughout the enterprise – adding significant Product Engagement data not captured elsewhere for further Insight Analysis and Reporting

Peripheral Cameras Capture Related Videos And Data.

Employee Can Safely Decide Best Course Of Action​
Captures Relevant Data
To Other Devices Such As PVM’s
Are Immediately Notified Of The Case
Auto-Generated With Video Grouping And Supporting Data

Common Use Cases

Liquid or Other Spill

The ability to detect if a product or other potentially dangerous item such as Fluids or liquids has spilled on a floor . The ability to detect liquid hazards on the floor to alert for clean-up

Slip & Fall

The ability to detect if someone is horizontal vs vertical indicating a potential slip and fall situation to alert for help.

Employee Productivity

Identifying store employees that are standing around in the back room (or other) as opposed to doing their jobs. This data could be aggregated with peak customer hours for optimized scheduling and improved customer experience

Product Engagement & POS comparison

Customer engagement with products can be compared to POS data to analyze why customers engage with certain products without purchasing Product manufacturers and distributors would be interested in this as well Analyze the ratio of visitors to actual purchases to improve product placements (Conversion Rate Tracking)

Self Check-Out Fraud and Concealment

Moving items around the Scanner / Hiding items underneath Using Multiple Credit Card / Fraud and Other…

Dwell Time Analysis

Understand how much time customers spend in specific store sections for layout optimization.

Customer Service Response Time

Measure how long it takes for a Customer Service representative to respond to events seeking assistance Measure time customers wait in lines to place orders for products such as butcher counter Measure how long orders take to be fulfilled after the customer places the order.

Shelf Monitoring and Restocking Alerts

Identify low stock levels on a shelf in real time and automatically alert to order or restock

Violent Activity “at risk” activity detection

People engaging in fighting or aggressive behavior, Firearms detection Gunshot detection