PREDICTS AND DETERS Product and Property Engagement and CRIMINAL ACTIVITY

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Since the beginning of time Retailers have faced many threats to their businesses.  Recently these threats have escalated to extreme levels. Here are a few at the forefront and how RaptorVision rises to the challenge:

  • Reduce Theft: RaptorVision detects unusual shopping behavior (taking too much too fast) “High-Ticket”, high value shrink in real-time without store staff visually monitoring or “profiling” store visitors.
  • Enhance Employee Safety and Risk Management: RaptorVision’s patented video analytics system provide proactive insight to help avoid unwanted aisle confrontations that often turn violent especially when career criminals or Organized Retail Crime (ORC) is involved.
  • Maximise the Customer Experience and Grow Sales: Our Retail clients have been able to successfully use RaptorVision to respond to the countless customers needing help in a positive way without them ever having to track down a store associate or press a help button that is often unmet with a response.
  • Identify Product Tampering: Until now, retailers have had an unknown amount of product “tampering” and liability as a result of shoppers “testing” products in the store and merely putting them back on the shelf without ever intending to make a purchase. Products commonly subjected to tampering can include deodorant, lotion, laundry detergent, mouthwash, and more….


Commercial, Government, Campuses, Universities, & Industrial Facilities

Unlike our unique video analytics system and when compared to many products existing in the industry such as loitering, dwell time, and the ambiguous suspicious activity, our algorithm can defend a property prior to the event of an intrusion within the facility.

  • This would include hacking repetitively at a roll-up door to breach it with often a crowbar or similar tool, letting them rip it down and out of the way before any interior motion detector or roll up door contact would be aware of such pre-intrusion activity.
  • RaptorVision can also be used on sensitive areas of buildings and structures if needed to deter Graffiti with well executed Video Verification and/or Guard Dispatch responses.
  • Capturing this activity in real time also allows for are UL Central Station to alert the perpetrators that authorities are on the way and listen in by way of two-way voice technology to avoid a more damaging situation.


Hospital & Pharmacy Clinical Drug Compliance

Drug diversion is a major problem in many clinical settings and creates compliance, security and regulatory issues for the hospital or pharmacy.  Drug Diversion also creates direct harm to patients who need prescribed levels of medications which are not being administrated due to theft and diversion by inside healthcare workers.

While systems are available to uniquely identify, lock, control medications, timely validation of drug diversion remains a paramount issue. Most organizations end up implementing procedural or process improvements to remedy the situation. RaptorVision can be a valuable tool to assist in combatting these critical issues:

  • Tracking Controlled Substances – Operators can create exception reports to contrast point of sale data with medications removed to identify trends of controlled substances sold versus accessed.
  • Monitor Medication Dispensing Systems – Monitor Behavior, Engagement, and Interaction of unusual access to Medication dispensing systems
  • Integrate – RaptorVision can be integrated with the existing 3rd-party systems to proactively analyze, alert and validate that healthcare workers are in fact the authorized user taking drugs from a controlled cabinet in the quantities documented.


Digital Signage and Brand Partners

In almost any modern retail store today, you will find in-store Monitors that display the store’s latest marketing campaigns, brand-specific promotions, and other helpful information. As Retail Operators sell this in-store advertising, the recoup costs for store operations. However, Security PVM’s (public view monitors) have been undersized and left with a live feed of the shopping aisle at the expense of a store’s clean look and décor with little if any results in assisting Asset Protection efforts.

  • Augment Existing PVM’s to generate store incomes and ROI….
  • RaptorVision allows retailers to use the existing investment of infrastructure/ “security monitors” for advertising purposes instead of displaying the static “wallpaper” in all current scenarios.
  • Our ability to switch from the Advertising Feed to the Event Driven Security Feed is a game changer as our highly false positive resistant technology allows greater billable uptime for brand advertisements being displayed.
  • Using PVM’s in the new way highly Increased Security Awareness as the imaging and messaging becomes dynamically interactive!
  • This significantly transforms RaptorVision from a cost metric to a revenue model for the retailer.
  • Sales floor PVM’s could be integrated with existing media software with Operator controlled messaging with much greater billable airtime for the brand advertisers.
  • Because RaptorVision can be set up in such a specific/non-false positive way, they get much more uptime and bang for their buck….

real-time alerting and notifications

RaptorVision also provides an array of Notification Methods and types as follows:

  • On-site radio with or w/o earpiece
  • Triggered video (on-site or remote)
  • Video Verification in real-time from Central Station
  • Two-way voice initiation (Central Station)
  • Police Dispatch from Central Station
  • SMS/Text
  • Retail Aisle, Guard Station, or work area Public View Monitor (PVM)
  • Retail Aisle, Guard Station, or work area Public Address System (PA) or area specific speaker(s)
  • Email (singular, group, multi-layered escalation recipients within groups)
  • Any analog relay I/O device (extremely broad for Facility Management Platforms and/or home/building automation systems)
  • Additionally, any other notification type that is supported by the implemented VMS system.