RaptorVision Aggressive Defense

“RaptorVision is so “Aggressively Defensive” that it can even detect and deter career ORC criminals in the act, thus stopping them from further theft activity. This in turn significantly (more than 75%) reduces ORC shrink because it stops them from doing further damage to the Retailer by reducing quantity that they would have otherwise continue stealing. 

The example video here shows a total of 10 bottles that were taken but that’s it. We know from experience that it would have likely been 30, 40, or 50 bottles which would have been significantly more costly to hard working retailers. This can be the different for a $350 theft versus a $2,500 to $4,500 theft!

Once RaptorVision was triggered and taken notice of by the bad guys as seen in this video, not one more bottle was lifted or loaded. Even though they were prepared with personal booster bagsalready in the cart and the cart locked up as it should, they still took a few things but not everything. NO SWEEP!!

Since Raptor’s beta-sites and inception, thousands of videos have shown that these criminals DO NOT RETURN come back (not one has been documented to date) to the same store because they find easier targets. ORC is comprised of bad people and cowards who do not want to be caught off guard at the aisle or broadcast throughout the store/site in real time by taking the chance of a real and psychologically painful apprehension.

To the retailer that only may have  a night checker and bagger in the whole front end at slow times, the RaptorVision system was still able to cut their losses short. Raptor-Vision does not blink or take a break!” 

Scott Mullins- CEO and Inventor

To learn more about RaptorVision contact us at info@raptor-vision.com or by call our team at 1-877-834-7070

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