Management Team

Over 65 years of retail security surveillance, software, and technology experience.

Scott Mullins

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Mullins started in the security industry in 1995 where and has developed and implemented border security and perimeter detection systems used in military facilities and for border penetration/intrusion detection.  Since then, Scott has focused his efforts in the retail industry and with over 100,000 cameras deployed into commercial, industrial, and retail sites.  Scott found it to be shocking to continually see how crime and theft activity (Organized Retail Crime) continued to grow exponentially. 

After witnessing first-hand, the ineffectiveness of the many technologies available to the retail and commercial industries, and at the request of the largest retailers in North America, Scott was determined to find a new solution that would put an end to this trend and put control of the business back into the hands of the operators.

Scott leveraged his background and experience designing Department of Defense certified military grade technical solutions that were literally being used to defend the toughest borders in the world, nuclear facilities, and military bases, and created a patented formula and process to pro-actively analyze video streams into a defensive product protection solution we call RaptorVision.

Paul Gain

Chief Operating Officer

Paul is a software industry visionary and development veteran with over 30 entrepreneurial years of technology design and development supporting military, government, aerospace, commercial, retail, banking, automotive, and healthcare mission critical systems deployment.

Paul started in the aerospace industry in 1985 working with large government contractors throughout the world on major military systems.  After just a few years Paul realized an essential need for a more efficient and secure way to document, integrate, manage and share critical design, development and support data for systems that are deployed. He originally pioneered an innovative and first-ever commercially available successful Configuration and Product Data Management enterprise software company in global aerospace, telecommunications, and government sectors markets, a system which continues to play a key role in large and small commercial and government projects around the world today.

Paul has continued to design and build out numerous platforms and applications over the years leveraging various service-oriented, cloud-based, blockchain & decentralized computing architectures and now leads the RaptorVision technology direction for the company’s patented suite of video analytics solutions.