RaptorVision is the first of its kind.

A real-time detection system that deters suspects from committing organized retail crime and theft in retail environments.

A patented breakthrough in security innovation

RaptorVision is the first of its kind.

A real-time detection system that deters suspects from committing organized retail crime and theft in retail environments.

RaptorVision detects and deters rapid “sweep” style theft by shoplifters and organized retail crime (ORC) groups and independent perpetrators by safely notifying on-site operators, managers, asset protection / loss prevention (locally or remotely) and or law enforcement/dispatch, before the products go out the door.

RaptorVision is the only system capable of detecting and preventing ORC sweeps before perpetrators leave the premises. Mobile alerts allow for safe and effective interaction. Two-way audio and video interface will allow instant communication and enable onsite operators a way to safely alert ORC groups or suspicious individuals that assistance is enroute.

Reduces Product Loss

  • Protects high-value goods
  • Increases Profitability

Deters Crime

  • Gives suspects the opportunity to not commit a crime
  • Informs suspects that their behavior is noticed

Increases Safety

  • Employees are able to respond within company policies
  • Customers are protected from potential harm

Maximizes Efficiency

  • Fewer lengthly and time consuming Investigations
  • Eliminates unnecessary restocking
  • Reduces Payroll and Staffing

Cost Savings

  • Replace existing RFID sensor system
  • Removes bottle caps, clothing tags, and other labor intensive devices

Customer Service

  • Merchants alerted when customers are repeatedly engaging product and need “Decision Assistance”
  • Provide a safe group service aisle engagement
  • Get to the High-Ticket Liquor or Wine for a more profitable upsell. Also good for Cheeses, Supplements, HABA, and other upper Gross Margin items
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Real-Time Analytics

RaptorVision leverages proprietary technology and computer-vision algorithms to immediately notify stakeholders of aggregated property and product interaction data in Real-Time. Our simple interface enables the ability to drill into the data from the highest level of the company to the most granular level of categorized individual events. 

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Operational Efficiency

RaptorVision is always watching, always analyzing, always notifying accurately and in real-time. This allows your staff to be more focused on their duties and objectives knowing they will only be alerted if needed. This is achieved through “Behavioral Theft Detection” and Analysis.

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Cloud-Based Technology

RaptorVision provides cloud-based or in-prem solutions that tightly integrate to existing Video System investments and more. Integrated relevant data, event categorization, and the accompanying video snippets made available offsite, wholistically has never been available to organizations in this way before.

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Easy Implementation

Adding onto existing platforms and infrastructure allows you to take advantage of world-leading technology without breaking the bank. Our RaptorVision-Console drives custom exception reports to help identify hotspots in theft activity, breaches of SOP’s, and a countless host of operational data never before available because of Raptor’s patented video analytics systems.

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Improved Customer Service

Raptor does much more than just deter theft and bad actors. It can be used to identify when a customer is interacting with products and might need an extra nudge to buy the right items. Upsell opportunities while truly elevating the Customer Experience.

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Safety & Risk Management

Customers and Employees are often victims of indiscriminate violence when they unwittingly find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. RaptorVision can prevent this by displaying suspicious behaviors from a safe distance so your staff can decide how to approach or avoid any situation.